NEW MULE T-SHIRTS!! Available in the above colors...short sleeves only.
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Pricing reduced on OLD inventory of short and long-sleeved t-shirts.
For wherever your adventure outdoors takes you,
MULE has something tough that will take you there AND keep you comfortable.

GET YOUR MULE ON and get outdoors!

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Mule Rancher's Coat
Price: $110.00
Briarproof shirts are a good choice to wear either with the Mule bibs or with the Mule pants. This Jacket doubles as a raincoat, when ordered with the optional waterproof lining, and as a hunting jacket.
MULE Front Load Vest
Mule Bibs
Price: $120.00
The Mule Vest is the BEST you can find. It is made from the same material as all "Mule" products. The "Mule Bibs" should be called Super Bibs!  They may be ordered with a waterproof lining.  They'll probably last longer than you!
Mule Duck Shirts
Price: $72.00
This Jacket doubles as a hunting and leisure jacket.  Take it on the road, to the mall or in the woods.  Its ready when you are. This shirt's body is made with a dark tan cotton duck material that is durable yet breathable and comfortable to wear and includes full briarproof protection for the sleeves.

New Products

Mule Boot Bag
Price: $40.00
Mule XL Duffel Bag
Price: $38.00
Alpha Handheld Pouch
Price: $13.00
Mule Large Duffel Bag
Price: $38.00
Tri-Tronics G2/G3 Pouch
Price: $12.00